Starport Delta

Starport Delta is our current in-development title. It is a space station builder where players must balance resources, station maintenance and resident requirements. Juggle the needs of your population against expanding and dealing with whatever space throws your way.

As a part of Cloudfire Studios’ commitment to getting our titles into the hands of players early, we presented the game to players as a part of the NZGDA booth at Christchurch Armageddon 2018 after only 8 weeks of development. We presented at the Indie Biz Showcase at NZGDC 2018, the NZGDA booth at Auckland Armageddon 2018, Wellington Armageddon 2019, Christchurch Armageddon 2019, Tauranga Armageddon 2019 and had our very own Cloudfire Studios booth at PAX East 2019 in Boston. We regularly bring the latest build to the Christchurch Game Developers meetup. The game has been very well received so far, and we’re looking forward to engaging with players every step along the way.

Additional upcoming opportunities to play Starport Delta will be posted here as they become available. In the mean time if you’re interested in participating in our closed alpha, you can sign up on the home page and indicate your interest.

What can we build?

Power Plant

Power plants are the backbone of your infrastructure in Starport Delta – they depend on nothing, but everything else depends on having these sources of power nearby.

Oxygen Plant

Oxygen plants provide your residents in Starport Delta with life-giving air! They only depend on power and other parts of your infrastructure depend on having these sources of oxygen nearby, making this another vital part of your planning.

Food Farm

Food farms are key to expanding your station in Starport Delta. They depend on having nearby sources of both power and oxygen, and provide a much-needed resource for your population’s housing.


Housing determines the population capacity of your station in Starport Delta. They depend on having nearby sources of power, oxygen and food, and provide room for your population to grow. Your population is how your station earns its income, controlling how quickly the station can expand.

Mining Depot

Specialized mining depots have ships that harvest materials from nearby asteroids before bringing them back to your station. They depend on having nearby sources of power and oxygen. All construction and repairs in Starport Delta require materials and the main way to acquire these materials is mining.

Defense Shields

Space can be a dangerous place in Starport Delta. Defense shields help protect your station from periodic meteor showers, and only depend on a nearby source of power. Parts of the station hit by meteors will require repair very quickly, or risk becoming non-functional.

Defense Lasers

Not all aliens choose the diplomatic option for communication. Actively defend your station from marauding space pirates with these laser turrets. Similar to shields, they only depend on having a nearby source of power, but help to prevent your station from being dismantled for parts in raids.

What can we see?


Every space station has to start somewhere, and in Starport Delta, that’s the port. The port provides somewhere to begin building your station from and a place for visiting supply ships to land. The hub of the station, all communications are coordinated from here.

Support Satellite

Space stations need some help to start building, expanding and keep running. In Starport Delta, every station comes equipped with a support satellite that stores your harvested materials and handles your interstellar communications as it orbits the station.

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