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Auckland Armageddon Expo 2018

With a much larger booth than at Christchurch Armageddon, we presented the latest version of Starport Delta at all four days of the Auckland Armageddon Expo 2018 at the ASB Showgrounds over Labour weekend. It was our first time at the much bigger Auckgeddon, and we had a great time talking to players and watching them enjoy the game. Being at the booth for the whole expo really gave us a good chance to talk to a lot of players, including a handful that played for more than an hour!

A big thanks to the New Zealand Game Developers Association for their support with the booth and to the fantastic Kiwi talent that came and shared their creations. This was the lineup for the weekend at the NZGDA booth, all of which are super worth checking out:

The Tinker League team also went on to present at PAX Australia the following week, so it was a busy time for them! It sounds like they’re getting some great feedback, and we’re looking forward to seeing the game develop in the coming months.

This Friday player had to be dragged away from the booth by his family after playing Starport Delta for two hours at Auckgeddon 2018

Yesterday we also had our very own Ian Shephard presenting as the guest speaker  at the Christchurch Game Developers meetup! There were a lot of game developers interested in his experiences, with many of them coming up to talk to him afterwards about his practical approach to marketing and understanding what’s out there for game developers. We also brought along Starport Delta to get some more feedback.

We had a lot of players at Auckgeddon very impressed with the polish of Starport Delta so far and giving us really good feedback on the game, particularly the players that got really involved in building large stations and experimenting with upgraded power plants. We were really happy that we could let players know that Starport Delta is available to wishlist on Steam! In keeping with trying to keep player feedback at the forefront of our development process, we have already incorporated some of the Auckgeddon player suggestions (and fixed some things they noticed weren’t working) and made sure to prioritise the requests we heard the most often. We have a lot of exciting updates coming up for Starport Delta, so make sure to keep up!

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