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Starport Delta updates, NZGDA news

It has been another busy month for the Cloudfire team, packed full of updates to Starport Delta! The NZGDA’s AGM was also this month, including the election of the new board members. The slides for the AGM are available for anyone that wants to know what was talked about. A big congratulations to all of the new board members, we’re looking forward to seeing them all involved in the NZGDA activities over the coming year!

Here are some of the thing we’ve been working on for Starport Delta:

  • added in some in-context indicators when you receive materials
  • updated our main menu background with a new space nebula asset we’ll be adding to and improving to create more interesting and engaging environments
  • added in the pipeline for our proximity upgrade system, and added our first upgrade set for the power plants
  • new animation paths for ships, including pauses at key locations
  • a first pass at some sound effects
  • …and of course the usual rounds of bug fixes

Upgraded Power Plant

A big thanks to the Christchurch Game Developers meetup, who hosted us and enabled us put some of these features in the hands of a great group of people to play-test the latest updates and provide us with more feedback. The meetup is a great group that helps support game developers and those interested in game development here in Christchurch.

We’ve also started making animations of the tiles you can build in Starport Delta and releasing these on social media, and expanding the game details here on the Cloudfire website. To see these and more, follow Starport Delta on FacebookStarport Delta InstagramCloudfire on Twitter and check the Starport Delta page here on the Cloudfire Studios website.