Cloudfire Studios

Starport Delta announced!

After a great sneak-peek reception at Christchurch Armageddon 2018, we’re ready to announce our next project, Starport Delta!

Unfortunately due to time and budget constraints, Rampage Arena has been put on hold. For fans of the game who played it last year, don’t worry, we will be continuing development in the future.

Starport Delta is a space station builder where players must balance resources, station maintenance and resident requirements. Players need to juggle the needs of their station population against expanding and dealing with whatever space throws your way. The reception at Armageddon was really positive and we had a lot of people signing up to be a part of our early access program. 

To everyone who signed up with their email for updates on the game, we’re looking forward to the next round of features and contacting you about opportunities to join our beta testing program for some more of the great feedback you’ve given us over the last couple of days! If you don’t hear from us when you think you should, please go right the home page and put your details in to make sure you’re on the list. Starport Delta is also on Facebook!

There will be more details and more screenshots coming soon.