Cloudfire Studios

Kiwi Game Starter 2017

Exciting news for the Cloudfire team as we submit Rampage Arena to the NZGDA‘s Kiwi Game Starter competition! The competition is a programme for New Zealand start-up companies or people wanting to start up a company around an interactive game product they’re building that hasn’t been released yet. The whole team has been keeping an eye on it for the last few years┬ásince it was launched, watching (and then playing at NZGDC) the games that proceeded as finalists and winners. This is an opportunity for us to really showcase our game development talents and talk about our goals and upcoming milestones for both the game and as a team.

We’ve been working hard since Wellington Armageddon on adding some new visual effects and a new in-game UI, and we also put together what we hope is a pretty polished application. We plan on sharing each step of our journey in this year’s KGS, so we’ll go into a bit more detail on that later. As a part of our application, we’ve also put together a new alpha gameplay trailer which includes some of the new effects we’ve been working on and is a little bit of a teaser for the direction we’re going to take with Rampage Arena. Enjoy!