Cloudfire Studios


Wellington Armageddon Expo 2017

We thought we had a lot of people visiting the booth at Christchurch Armageddon this year, but it certainly felt like a lot more at Wellington Armageddon Expo 2017! We brought our latest version of Rampage Arena to all three days and had people playing almost constantly all weekend – as before in Christchurch, there was a lot of really positive feedback and we loved getting to share our game with so many people. We also loved getting to hear the players talking to (yelling at) each other as they raced around the arenas after each other. It was particularly fun watching a whole family engage with the experience, whether they were playing or not.

“That’s it darling, go smash Daddy!”
— A mother encouraging her 6 year old son playing Rampage Arena

The weekend started off with a bit of an adventure – within 10 minutes of the doors opening, players were regularly encountering a bug we’d never seen before that tilted the camera on some very weird angles! Keeping (sort of) in the spirit that we were once again a part of the New Zealand Game Developers Association booth, we stopped the build and did some live game development, adding in a quick fix that let us reset the camera and keep on ticking! Later that night we tracked it down and squashed it, and no more camera troubles for the rest of the weekend.

Since we’re still so early in the development process, we’re still deciding which is going to be the best platform to release Rampage Arena on, so we decided to ask as many players as we could where they did their gaming and where they would hope to see Rampage Arena available for purchase. We were surprised (and happy) that some players were asking us already where they could buy it! In Christchurch we didn’t really keep records, just tried to get a feel for asking some people here and there what they thought (in Christchurch it was PC/Playstation dominant). After 3 days and hundreds of people later, here are the results from Wellington:

  • PC: 35%
  • Playstation: 30%
  • Xbox: 25%
  • Tablet: 5%
  • Mobile: 4%
  • Wii/Switch: 3%

Drop us a line and let us know – where would you want to play Rampage Arena? As always we’re looking for people who are interested in early access testing, so if you want to join the Wellingtonians who signed up to playtest the game early, or just want to know when and where the game is released, go ahead and subscribe to Cloudfire Studios!

A big thanks once again to the New Zealand Game Developers Association for the providing the booth and the opportunity to share our game with a lot of really great people. We were also excited and grateful to connect with Crazy Hawk Games and see their tabletop game Tribal Conflict, Roland Bewick and his massively multiplayer Tetris-like game Infinitris, Lopside Studios and their mobile game Witch in the Woods, Team Llama and their dimension-bending platformer Interdimensional Llama, Suntale Games and their award-winning, meditative world building game Grow, and Matthew Gatland with his mining and exploration game Caves. It was a great group of independent New Zealand game developers and we were proud to be a part of it. Hopefully all the developers stay in touch!

We leave you once again with a video we made for the weekend!